Hold’em Poker Mat




This all-new Godel Poker Mat is designed to transform your space into a professional poker room. Bring home the next-level gaming experience, enjoy SLOWPLAY.
PERFECT YOUR DEALING EXPERIENCE:Dealing cards is an entirely different experience when using this mat. The mat is smooth and comfortable, providing the ideal amount of friction and allowing cards to slide perfectly without slipping off the mat.
WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN: The SLOWPLAY Godel Poker Mat uses a unique water-repellent treatment that protects the poker table top from spills, making cleaning and care a breeze.
EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP & RELIABLE DURABILITY: With a carefully designed polyester surface, this mat is of the highest quality. An anti-slip rubber underside and carefully hemmed edges ensure this product’s durability. Japanese ink printing, which is environmentally friendly, ensures a clear design that does not fade.
EASY TRANSPORTATION & STORAGE: Just 0.08 inches thin when rolled up, this mat is built for convenience. Premium vegan leather carrying bag included. Roll up to go and roll out to play in an instant. Stores anywhere with full protection to your poker mat.